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A day out in Center Line

-Posted on August 30, 2021


Positioned within Warren’s expansive borders stands a smaller, yet just as beautiful city called Center Line. I’ve been to Center Line before, but never have I been able to actually tour the area until now. Not only is it a good place to live with a great school district, but Center Line also has places to explore just like any other Macomb County city. Below are some of the locales I visited.


My favorite place to go was the Memorial Park just behind the Parks and Recreation building on Lawrence street. I had gone there before for this year’s Center Line-Warren Car Cruise. More specifically, I went for the Independence Day Festival that took place June 4-6. During the festivities the park was filled to the brim with things to do. There were live bands, a petting zoo, carnival games and numerous food trucks that permeated the air with the delectable scent of mouthwatering cuisine. The day I went, they also shot off a finale of beautiful fireworks that had me in awe. 


Coming back to the park in order to write this blog, I could see that it was still being used for celebration and fun. Two cookouts were taking place by the time I rolled up in my car, and the library was preparing to host an event beneath one of the many pavilions close to the neighboring Memorial Field. I spoke with the woman setting up and she explained that they were about to start Painting in the Park, where people come to, you guessed it, paint in the park. Apparently, the Center Line Public Library is constantly putting on different activities, especially for young children, to enjoy. To find out more about upcoming events, you can find their calendar here


Seeing as many of their projects took place in the park I had just been strolling through, I decided to give the Center Line Public Library a visit. The building itself was quaint, and it amazed me by how many programs could be put on by something so small. But regardless, the library was peaceful and the atmosphere was friendly.




During my trip through Center Line, I came to realize that many of the city’s greatest establishments could be found along Van Dyke. For example, Haney’s Family Restaurant, which elicits a growl from my stomach just thinking about it, sits between 10 Mile and Stephens. It’s a great place for breakfast, lunch or even brunch! Opening at 7am and closing at 2:30pm, don’t miss out on their delicious wraps or the specialty breakfast options. In fact, one of their turkey club sandwiches sounds really good right now.


Speaking of sandwiches, I would also recommend Martin’s Ham & Corned Beef. It’s no more than a two minute walk from Haney’s and honestly, the food is quite delicious! On top of having a plethora of different sandwiches to choose from, Martin’s also offers salads, wings, fries and more. 


Another cool place to visit is Cattleman’s Meat & Produce, which is just up the street from Haney’s. Here, you can find lots of flavorsome meats, cheeses and corn for your sandwiches, burgers and other cookout needs. Cattleman’s also acts as your ordinary grocery store, stocked with basic products and food items. 


If you’re in the mood for Mexican food, however, Taqueria Alma is the place to go. Unfortunately, it’s only carryout but that doesn’t stop the food from being delicious. It was another place my family and I frequented during the pandemic, and I remember loving every second as I devoured my entire quesadilla while lazily lounging in a parked car beside the store. 


Not even a parking lot away, beside Cattleman’s, is a beautification park. It’s a small plot of land with a gorgeous gazebo and blooming flowers of all kinds. But that’s not the only beauty to be found in Center Line. The city also has a Community Garden off of Dale Street. Here there are tons of vegetation and beautiful flowers grown by the citizens who live in the area. I recommend stopping by if you ever get the chance. 




Lastly, I would like to promote Center Line’s very own Beer Fest, which will take place at Memorial Park on September 18, 2021. Beyond local crafted beer, there’s also going to be food trucks and live music. You don’t want to miss out! Click here for more information.


No matter its size, Center Line has a lot to offer. What other places in the community should I go to next?



Rachel Dearing is an intern for Macomb County Planning and Economic Development.