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2020 Census: Macomb's response rate is high, but more households need to be counted

-Posted on July 29, 2020


Every 10 years, the U.S. Census Bureau attempts to count every single person living in the United States. This information provides the basis for how important decisions about our community are made over the next decade. For instance: 


  • How many representatives are we allowed to represent us in Washington D.C. and Lansing?
  • How many hospital beds are adequate?
  • Where are schools needed most?
  • And many others that impact how billions of federal dollars are spent on highways, public transportation, special education, services for senior services, programs to protect wildlife and preserve open spaces and much, much more.


To the 78.9 percent of Macomb County households who have already responded, THANK YOU! 



Our response rate currently ranks 16th in the nation and we continue to be at top of the state. This is great news but it is more important that EVERY household be counted. In fact, the regional Census Bureau office is currently training census takers who will soon be visiting the homes of those that have not responded. Really.


Pictured above: Have you seen this? Census workers are preparing to visit all addresses that have not yet completed the brief census survey in August. If you received this postcard in the mail, you have not yet filled out your form and may receive a visit. Complete the census today and a visit won't be necessary! 

Census takers will wear masks and follow local public health guidelines when they visit your home. All census takers complete a virtual COVID-19 training on social distancing and other health and safety protocols before beginning their work in neighborhoods.


Census takers are hired from your area, and their goal is to help you and everyone in your home be counted in the 2020 Census. If the census taker who visits your home does not speak your language, you may request a return visit from a census taker who does speak your language. If no one is home when the census taker visits, the census taker will leave a notice of their visit with information about how to complete the form.



If you haven’t yet completed the questionnaire and would like to avoid a visit from the census team, there are three ways to fill out the form yourself:

  • Online! Visit 
    • Hit the “Start Questionnaire” button in the upper right hand corner.
    • When you are directed to the login page, go to the link at the bottom of the page labeled “If you do not have a Census ID, click here.” (The Census ID can be found on the official mail your home should have received in April.)
    • You will then be directed to an address verification page. Enter your address and you will be set up to complete the rest of the survey.​​​​​
  • By Mail!
    • Check that stack of mail you have sitting somewhere and look for an envelope from the U.S. Census Bureau. Follow the instructions and pop the completed form in the prepaid envelope in your mailbox. 
  • By phone!
    • Call 844-330-2020 and follow the prompts. For adaptive and non-English services, click  here


No matter how you complete it, your answers matter! Please help us make sure everyone in Macomb County is counted in the 2020 Census!